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Centre of Development Studies


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Professor Maha Abdelrahman Professor in Development Studies and Middle East Politics, BA, MA (The American University in Cairo) PhD (Institute of Social Studies, the Netherlands), Please send email via PhD Administrator at
Taskeen Adam Title: The role of African Massive Open Online Courses in supporting the most marginalised to improve their capabilities.
Jose Miguel Ahumada Title: Trading away the ladder? Chile's path into globalisation (1975-2010)
Baptiste Albertone Title: To Green or not to Green? Sustainability, Structural Change, and Industrial Policy in Latin America, Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Darwin College
Shachi Amdekar Title: From Lancashire to Bombay: Commercial Networks, Technology Diffusion, and Business Strategy in the Bombay Textile Industry.
Fadi Amer Title: Laissez-Piller: A political economy analysis of financial sector-led growth in Lebanon, Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Queens' College
Shama Ams Title: Governance & Constitutional Reform in Countries Emerging from Civil War.
Amna Ansari Title: Children's capabilities and education inequality: How types of schooling play a role in Pakistan.
Idil Asan Title: Humanitarian Governance, Gender, and Refugee Protection: Assessing the Lived Effects of Policy on Gender Non-conforming refugees in Turkey., Supervisor: Dr Maha Abdelrahman, Girton College
Dustin Barter Title: A Comparative Study of International Institutions and Post-Isolation Civil Society Development in Cambodia and Myanmar, Supervisor: Dr. Maha Abdelrahman, College: Jesus College
Mustafa Metin Basbay Title: Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth at Different Stages of Development: An Eclectic Approach
Gracelin Baskaran Title: Essays on the economic and financial challenges facing South Africa’s commodity sector
Dr Niyousha Bastani Assistant Professor in the Political Economy of Development BA (McGill University), MPhil (University of Cambridge)
Niyousha Bastani Teaching Assistant Paper 4 Globalisation and Development
Jaskiran Bedi Title: Is English language causing a dichotomy between economic growth and inclusive growth in India?
Callie Berman Title: Knowledge in caviar: An examination of post-Soviet environmental institutions and embedded knowledge in the governance of Caspian caviar production., Supervisor: Dr Siddharth Saxena, Gonville and Caius College
Anna Bilous Title: State-Owned Enterprises in Russia: Pitfalls and Prospects., Supervisor: Professor Peter Nolan, Lucy Cavendish College
Juan Fernando Bucheli Title: Living Together: Urban Quality of Life in Spatially Segregated Areas of Bogota.
Peerapat Chokesuwattanaskul Title: Export Cartels: Trade, Competition, and Industrial Policies.
Rohan Clarke Title: The Myth of Paradise: Reaffirming Commonwealth Caribbean Sovereignty and Sustainable Development in the Context of the Anti-Money Laundering & Combating Terrorist Financing Transnational Legal Order
Madleina Daehnhardt Title: Migration, development and social change in a 21st century North Indian hill village. An ethnographic study of migration patterns, reasons and impacts.
Shreyashi Dasgupta Title: Informality and Housing in Mumbai and Dhaka.
Clément De Rivas Title: A constructivist and institutionalist political economy perspective on ideational, political and institutional change in France and Poland, Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Darwin College
Professor Graham Denyer Willis Professor, Centre of Development Studies and Centre of Latin American Studies, B.A. (Toronto), M.A. (Royal Roads), Ph.D. (MIT)
Isabel Estevez Title: Essays on Globalization and Economic Development., Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Trinity Hall
Frank Evans MPhil Course Administrator
Professor Shailaja Fennell +44 (0) 1223 764048 Professor of Regional Transformation and Economic Security (Grade 11), Department of Land Economy, Fellow of Jesus College, Acting Director Centre of South Asian Studies
Matthew Fright Title: The moments of, and movements for national accounts: contextualising changes to British national accounting during the 1930s to 1950s
Lorena Gazzotti Title: How does migration policy affect aid? Migration policy, development and aid in the EU-Moroccan context., Supervisor: Dr Alexandra Winkels, Lucy Cavendish College
Dr Jostein Hauge Assistant Professor, Centre of Development Studies, BSc (NTNU, Norway), MSc (SOAS, University of London), PhD (University of Cambridge)
Jostein Hauge Title: African industrial policy in an era of expanding global value chains.
Yuan He Title: Food and shelter: Village lives in India and China compared.
Sir Brian Heap Distinguished Fellow
Peter Hertenstein Title: Governance in times of globalization: Exploring the inter-firm dynamics in the, automotive industry and its impact on development in Brazil and China.
Halimatou Hima Moussa Dioula Title: ilimi Haske: Disrupting a charted trajectory., Supervisor: Dr Shailaja Fennell, Lucy Cavendish College
Dr Tadashi Hirai Affiliated Lecturer and Research Associate, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge, BA (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), MPhil (Cantab), PhD (Cantab), Paper 15 Human Development and Education Coordinator, Currently not taking PhD Students
Christopher Hope Title: Developmentalism, dependency, and the state: industrial policy and progress in Namibia since 1900.
Professor William Hurst B.A. (University of Chicago) M.A. (University of Chicago) Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley), Chong Hua Professor of Chinese Development
Nabila Idris Title: Social protection policies in Bangladesh., Supervisor: Dr Maha Abdelrahman, Churchill College
Sripriya Iyengar Srivatsa Title: The Political Economy of Taxation and Sub-National Legislative Commitment in East African and Indian States, Supervisor: Dr Shailaja Fennell, St. Catherine's College
Sai Sangeet Jain Title: A political economy approach to the development and accumulation of productive capabilities in India, Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Newnham College
Yingfeng Ji Title: Assessing the role of participant states in the Belt and Road Initiative: evidence from Central Asia , Supervisor: Dr. Siddharth Saxena, St Catharine's College
Alice Jondorf +44 (0)1223 337158 Centre Administrator
Prajakti Kalra Affiliated Lecturer, Centre for Development Studies, University of Cambridge, Events and Communications Officer, GCRF RCUK COMPASS Project, Research Fellow, Cambridge Central Asia Forum, Jesus College, Currently not taking PhD students
Avneet Kaur Title: Women in the unorganized sector in India.
Aline Khoury Title: Migration and development: a capability inspired framework for exploring migrant wellbeing.
Dima Krayem Title: Exploring the "Integration" of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: From State Sovereignty to Bare Lives.
Anel Kulakhmetova Title: Evolving notions of childhood: An example of Kazakhstan.
Mateus Lino Labrunie Title: The co-evolution of technology, institutions and the organization of production in the age of digital transformation: lessons from history., Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, College: Girton
Mateus Labrunie Teaching Assistant Paper 1 Development Economics
Epifania Langa Title: Understanding Structural Transformation, Industrial Development and the State: the Case of Mozambique, Supervisor: Dr. Ha-Joon Chang, Clare Hall College
Chokan Laumulin Title: Debates over Soviet Industrial policy.
Ildo José Lautharte Junior Title: Flourishing Opportunities: Four Essays in Applied Econometrics.
Duy Anh Le PhD title: Sanitation and Development: The Case of Provinces in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Amir Lebdioui Title: The role of the State for Economic Diversification in Mineral Resource-Dependent Countries.
George Lee Title: What are the barriers to building a trusted police service in China and India? A comparative study.
Adam B Lerner Title: Narratives of trauma and victimhood in international politics: Evidence from new states.
Jane Lichtenstein Title: Financial Inclusion in Rwanda: Examining Policy Implementation and Impact on Community and Household Lives.
Yunxiang Liu Title: Industrial Upgrading and China’s Electric Vehicle and Wind Turbine Industries
Dr Sarah Lockwood Assistant Professor, Centre of Development Studies, BA (Columbia University); MSc (Oxford University); MA (Harvard University), PhD (Harvard University)
Saite Lu Title: Essays on Global Imbalances and Financial Crisis
Sigrid Lupieri Title: Ageing and health care in times of crisis: whose vulnerability counts? The case of Syrian refugees in Jordan.
Dr Frank Madsen Affiliated University Lecturer, Centre for Development Studies, Fellow Commoner, Queens' College, MA (Paris), PhD (Cambridge)
Gerald Mako Title: My Cherished Endemy: The Construction of Identity and Otherness in Russia.
Lucy McMahon Title: Going to 'the door of Dilma's house' Citizenship, informality and the 2013-14 protest movement in Brazil.
Dan Meng Title: A study on subjective wellbeing of Chinese rural residents and rural-urban migrants.
Ying Miao Title: Social Identity, Attitude and Behaviour of the Chinese Middle Class., Supervisor: Professor Peter Nolan, Hughes Hall
Surer Mohamed Teaching Assistant Paper 4 Globalisation and Development
Melissa Mouthaan Title: Migration Policy Formulation in Senegal and Ghana: a study of competing actors in EU-African migration governance.
Nungari Mwangi Title: The Power to Flourish: Unearthing the roots of Kenyan flower producers’ export market access strategies.
Professor Peter Nolan +44 (0)1223 339477 Director of the Chinese Executive Leadership Programme (CELP), M.A. (Cantab.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (London), CBE
Professor Peter Nolan +44 (0)1223 339477 Director of the Chinese Executive Leadership Programme (CELP), M.A. (Cantab.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (London), CBE, Not taking PhD Students
Serik Onalbaiuly Title: Democratisation of Local Government and Local Governance in Kazakhstan.
Serik Orazgaliyev PhD title: Reconstructing MNE-host country bargaining model in oil industry: a case study of Kazakhstan, Supervisors: Shailaja Fennell and Siddharth S. Saxena
Dr Helena Pérez Niño BA (Universidad Nacional de Colombia);, MSc, PhD (SOAS University of London), Currently not taking PhD students and not available for MPhil dissertation supervision
Josh Platzky Miller PhD Title: Education and Imagination in Brazil and South Africa
Felipe Puccioni Title: Management, institutional arrangements and education: A three-level clustered randomised field experiment in Rio de Janeiro, Supervisor: Dr Tiago Cavalcanti, Trinity College
Georges Quist Teaching Assistant Paper 1 Development Economics
Georges Quist Title: National Development Banks and Industrial Policy in Africa: A Comparative Study, Supervisor: Dr. Ha-Joon Chang, Wolfson College
Bojana Radovanovic Title: Individual Giving: Theoretical Discussions and the Evidence from Serbia and Canada.
Ivan Rajic Title: Oligopoly, regional development and the political economy of separatism - with a case study of the United Kingdom and Scotland.
Ana Francisca Ramirez Title: How do developing country governments negotiate with international companies. Analysing the case of oil and gas negotiations in Senegal., Supervisor: Dr Graham Denyer Willis, Newnham College
Dr John Rapley
Sherilyn Reindorf-Partey PhD title: Development for whom? Discourses of Modernity and the Role of China in Angola's Post-War Reconstruction., Supervisor: Alex Winkels
Professor Barry Rider 07979647105 Professorial Fellow, Centre for Development Studies, University of Cambridge, Professor of Comparative Law, Renmin University, China, Professor of Law, University of the Free State, Republic of South Africa, Professor of Law and former Director of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, School of Advanced Study, Fellow Commoner, sometime Fellow, Tutor, Director of Studies and Dean, Jesus College, Cambridge, Master of the Bench of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, Currently not taking PhD Students
Dr Joeva Rock University Teaching Officer, Centre of Development Studies, PhD (Anthropology), American University, Currently not taking PhD students
Jaime Royo Olid Title: Scarcity in Abundance and Development: The case of housing financialisation in metropolitan Orissa, India., Supervisor: Dr Shailaja Fennell, St John's College
Dr Siddharth (Montu) Saxena PhD in Experimental Physics (Trinity College and Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge) and PhD in Historical Anthropology, BSc in Physics and BA in History (New Orleans), Currently not taking PhD students
Andres Sevilla-Gaitan Title: The everyday life of longline fishing people in Costa Rica., Supervisor: Dr Graham Denyer Willis, Fitzwilliam College
Richard Sidebottom
Dr Richard Sidebottom Affiliated Lecturer at the Centre of Development Studies, Cambridge University., MPhil Development Studies (Cambridge), MSc Finance (London Business School), MA History & Economics (Oxford), Currently not taking PhD Students
Ga-Young So Title: Three essays on the impact of education on the employment and empowerment of women in South Korea.
Caroline Souza Title: Schooling for what? A comparative ethnographic study on the appropriateness of the traditional school model for developing disadvantaged children's skills and capabilities in Brazil.
Dr Harriet Sturdy PhD Administrator
Chee Yong Tan Title: Building an Equitable Nation: New Economic Policy (NEP) and State-building in Malaysia, Prof William Hurst, St. Catherine's College
Dominic Thomas-James Title: Suspect Wealth - A Risk to Stability, Development and Sustainability: The case of Bermuda, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Anguilla.
Yee Siong Tong Title: Agro-commodity global value chains and upgrading: the case of Malaysian palm oil.
Todd Tucker PhD title: Development Matters: Disputes, Arbitrators, and Norms in Investment Treaty Arbitration, Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
Christine van Hooft Title: Nearer to the People: The Interaction Between Decentralisation and the Political Economy in Uganda.
Sam van Noort Title: The Structural Economic Roots of Liberal Democracy, Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Wolfson College
Paola Velasco Herrejon Title: Sustainability, Capabilities and Power: Siting Wind Farms Under Equal Terms., Supervisor: Dr Flavio Comim, Clare College
Mihiri Warnasuriya Title: Building the ‘Sri Lankan nation’ through education: The identity politics of teaching history in a multicultural post-war society., Supervisor: Dr Shailaja Fennell, St Edmund's College
Dr Tamara Wattnem Assistant Professor in Development Studies and Latin American Studies, BA (University of California - Berkeley), MSc/PhD (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Nafisa Waziri Title: An analysis of complexity in development programmes - a case study of the Nigerian education sector.
Isabella Weber Title: China's escape from the 'Big Bang': The 1980s price reform debate in historical perspective.
Libei Wu Title: Determinants of the Nature of Chinese Immigration from Wenzhou: the Case Study of High-Skilled Chinese Immigrants from the IT Industry in California and Low-Skilled Entrepreneurial Chinese Immigrants in Europe in a Comparative Perspective., Supervisor: Prof. Peter Nolan, Newnham College
Chunwen Xiao Title: The Challenges and Opportunities of Chinese Telecom Operators Going Out., Supervisor: Prof. Peter Nolan, Jesus College
Xuming Yang PhD title: The Politics of Banking Governance in China: Political Control and Corporate Governance, Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Torplus Yomnak PhD title: The evolution of corruption in the construction sector in Thailand: the policy response by the national anti-corruption commission., Supervisor: Dr Maha Abdelrahman
Kiryl Zach Title: Polish industrial policy in a long-term perspective., Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Robinson College
Roberto Alexandre Zanchetta Borghi PhD title: Productive internationalisation and the role of emerging economies: a comparative analysis between China, India and Brazil, Supervisor: Jose Gabriel Palma
Dr Yan Zhang British Academy Research Associate, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge, Research Associate, China Centre, Jesus College, Bye-Fellow of Newnham College, BSc (Hons), MPhil PhD (Cantab), Currently not taking PhD Students