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Centre of Development Studies


Jodie Bradshaw, 2022-23

The MPhil in Development Studies is an excellent course where students from a wide variety of backgrounds can make critical advances towards their personal career trajectories. It is precisely the malleability of the course which allows students to tailor it to their own needs and interests. I have come away from the course with an in-depth and critical understanding to the most pressing development concerns past, present, and future.

Calista Chong, 2022-23

I was drawn to the MPhil in Development Studies as it promised to impart a rigorous understanding of issues in development. I enjoyed the thought-provoking discussions with my professors and colleagues who hail from diverse countries and professions. The programme also gave me the opportunity to research and write on political economy, justice, race, and sustainable development. This knowledge has benefited me in my current role in government, where I facilitate sustainable and mutually beneficial economic partnerships between Singapore enterprises and the rest of the world.  I recommend this course to scholars and practitioners who are keen on developing a critical and interdisciplinary perspective on global issues.

Andrew Huang, 2022-23

Completing the MPhil in Development Studies has been a highly rewarding experience, both academically and personally, for me. The political economy of development is at the heart of U.S.-China tensions today, and I came to Cambridge to deepen my understanding of that geopolitical challenge. This program fulfilled those expectations and more: The lectures and discussions, with peers from all over the world, exposed me to wide-ranging perspectives about the merits of state intervention and the goals of development. Moreover, my essays and dissertation gave me the freedom to dig deeper into topics of interest to me—and solidified my grasp of, among other things, the tradeoffs of different industrial policies and the role of institutions and law in driving or limiting development. Most of all, this MPhil introduced me to inspiring professors, who I am fortunate to count as mentors, and two of my closest friends. I am grateful for the formative role this program has played in my academic and personal growth, and the confidence it has given me as I work toward a policy career.