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Centre of Development Studies


Important announcements about teaching 2021/2022

All University announcements about teaching plans for the coming academic year can be found on the University's Coronavirus website.

On 30 July 2021, the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education, Prof Graham Virgo, sent a message to all incoming students, advising that Faculties or Departments, conducting some of their teaching online, would announce this by 30 September. The Centre is planning to teach lectures for our core Papers 1, 2 and 3 online in the first instance; this position will be reviewed periodically. Currently, we are planning for all other teaching to be held in person (core paper discussion classes and optional paper teaching).

The MPhil in Development Studies is a one year, full-time highly inter-disciplinary course which gives its students a firm grounding in political economics relevant to the developing world, including the study of sociology, law, political science, management, economics and anthropology.

The inter-disciplinary approach is based on the recognition that together with the analytical rigour required of economists and other social scientists today, no important issue in development — poverty and inequality, population growth, the construction of the institutions of a market economy, war and human rights, democratisation — can be properly understood without an inter-disciplinary perspective.

The Course Director for 2021/22 will be Prof William Hurst.

The Course Details page contains the course description and further details of the course. 

The Paper Choices page contains information on papers available for study.

The How to Apply page contains details of the entry requirements.

The Deadlines page contains all the key dates to be aware of for funding opportunities.

The Fees and Funding page contains details of schemes specific to this course.

The FAQ page should cover anything else that the other pages have missed!

The Careers after the MPhil page provides examples of the wide range of careers our graduates move into.