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MPhil in Development Studies

Administrative Contact


Miss Emma Cantú - Centre Administrator

Email:  Office Phone: 01223 (3)37158

*MPhil Queries to be directed to Jenna Kapaun on 



The handbook can be downloaded here. For current and full paper reading lists, please check out Moodle


The timetable for Michaelmas Term 2018 can be found here.

The timetable for Lent Term 2019 can be found here.

Examination Criteria

The current marking scheme for the MPhil programme can be found here. The grading criteria for 2018-19 can be found here.

Word Count and Late Submission Penalties

Work which has been submitted that exceeds the set word count will not be accepted and returned to the student to adjust accordingly. Two marks daily will be removed from the final mark, so please ensure your word count matches what has been stated.

A two mark penalty will be issued for every day any coursework is submitted which exceeds the set deadline. If you feel there are circumstances which mean you may not hand in on time, please talk to your supervisor or Centre Administrator as soon as you are able. 

Code of Practice

The latest code of practice from the Board of Graduate Studies can be found here. It is essential that students review the Code of Practice at the start of their study so a signature page has been introduced to the booklet to help encourage this. We will not be checking on students or their supervisor that this has been completed, but please note that if you do not sign the booklet this does not mean that you will not be held against it.

Travel, Fieldwork and Working Away from Cambridge

Full guidance on the University's policies regarding fieldwork and travelling whilst a student can be found here.


Plagiarism guidelines can be found in the programme's handbook. Students are required to sign submission coversheets to confirm the originality of their work, and confirm they are fully aware of the consequences of plagiarism and self plagiarism. 

Data Retention Policy

This relates to how long we keep examination material before it is destroyed or anonymised, full details can be found here

Student Complaints Procedure

As of October 2017, a new student complaints procedure will be put in place. Should you wish to consult this procedure, please click here Professor James Mayall is our Responsible Officer, a neutral contact should you wish to talk to someone before proceeding with a complaint. He can be contacted on For exam review procedure information and complaints, please click here.

Disability Resource Centre

Students are encouraged to contact the Disability Resource Centre for support and advice should they have a disability or matters regarding mental health which may impact their course. Departments and the DRC liaise very closely to ensure the best support is given whilst maintaining confidentiality.