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Centre of Development Studies


The Centre of Development Studies provides a focus for students wishing to undertake an MPhil or a PhD in the area of development.

We continue to provide interdisciplinary training where
content and style have kept abreast with the changing
reality of the developing world, and the changing
requirements of those seeking to make a career in the
development field.

We look forward to receiving your application to join us!


The MPhil in Development Studies is a nine-month, full-time, highly inter-disciplinary course which gives its students a firm grounding in political economics relevant to the developing world, including the study of sociology, law, political science, management, economics and anthropology.

The inter-disciplinary approach is based on the recognition that together with the analytical rigour required of economists and other social scientists today, no important issue in development — poverty and inequality, population growth, the construction of the institutions of a market economy, war and human rights, democratisation — can be properly understood without an inter-disciplinary perspective.

The PhD in Development Studies is a full-time course, structured as a three year programme with an expectation that PhD students will submit a full draft of their thesis at the end of the third year or soon after. Students should submit their thesis for examination by viva during their 4th year if not before.

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MPhil in Development Studies

PhD in Development Studies