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Centre of Development Studies

 Idil  Asan
Title: Humanitarian Governance, Gender, and Refugee Protection: Assessing the Lived Effects of Policy on Gender Non-conforming refugees in Turkey.
Supervisor: Dr Maha Abdelrahman
Girton College
 Dustin  Barter
Title: A Comparative Study of International Institutions and Post-Isolation Civil Society Development in Cambodia and Myanmar
Supervisor: Dr. Maha Abdelrahman
College: Jesus College
 Mustafa Metin Basbay
Title: Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth at Different Stages of Development: An Eclectic Approach
Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang
St Edmund's College
 Gracelin  Baskaran
Title: Essays on the economic and financial challenges facing South Africa’s commodity sector
Supervisor: Dr Shailaja Fennell
Lucy Cavendish College
 Callie  Berman
Title: Knowledge in caviar: An examination of post-Soviet environmental institutions and embedded knowledge in the governance of Caspian caviar production.
Supervisor: Dr Siddharth Saxena
Gonville and Caius College
 Anna  Bilous
Title: State-Owned Enterprises in Russia: Pitfalls and Prospects.
Supervisor: Professor Peter Nolan
Lucy Cavendish College
 Clément  De Rivas
Title: A constructivist and institutionalist political economy perspective on ideational, political and institutional change in France and Poland
Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang
Darwin College
 Isabel  Estevez
Title: Essays on Globalization and Economic Development.
Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang
Trinity Hall
 Halimatou  Hima Moussa Dioula
Title: ilimi Haske: Disrupting a charted trajectory.
Supervisor: Dr Shailaja Fennell
Lucy Cavendish College
 Nabila  Idris
Title: Social protection policies in Bangladesh.
Supervisor: Dr Maha Abdelrahman
Churchill College
Title: Assessing the role of participant states in the Belt and Road Initiative: evidence from Central Asia
Supervisor: Dr. Siddharth Saxena
St Catharine's College
 Mateus Lino Labrunie
Title: The co-evolution of technology, institutions and the organization of production in the age of digital transformation: lessons from history.
Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang
College: Girton
 Epifania   Langa
Title: Understanding Structural Transformation, Industrial Development and the State: the Case of Mozambique
Supervisor: Dr. Ha-Joon Chang
Clare Hall College
 Sigrid  Lupieri
Title: Ageing and health care in times of crisis: whose vulnerability counts? The case of Syrian refugees in Jordan.
Supervisor: Dr Alexandra Winkels
Clare Hall College
Title: How does federalism affect education and economic development?
Supervisor: Dr Tiago Cavalcanti
Trinity College
 Georges  Quist
Title: National Development Banks and Industrial Policy in Africa: A Comparative Study
Supervisor: Dr. Ha-Joon Chang
Wolfson College
 Ana Francisca  Ramirez
Title: How do developing country governments negotiate with international companies. Analysing the case of oil and gas negotiations in Senegal.
Supervisor: Dr Graham Denyer Willis
Newnham College
 Jaime  Royo Olid
Title: Scarcity in Abundance and Development: The case of housing financialisation in metropolitan Orissa, India.
Supervisor: Dr Shailaja Fennell
St John's College
 Andres  Sevilla-Gaitan
Title: The everyday life of longline fishing people in Costa Rica.
Supervisor: Dr Graham Denyer Willis
Fitzwilliam College
 Sam  van Noort
Title: The Structural Economic Roots of Liberal Democracy
Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang
Wolfson College
 Paola  Velasco Herrejon
Title: Sustainability, Capabilities and Power: Siting Wind Farms Under Equal Terms.
Supervisor: Dr Flavio Comim
Clare College
 Libei  Wu
Title: Determinants of the Nature of Chinese Immigration from Wenzhou: the Case Study of High-Skilled Chinese Immigrants from the IT Industry in California and Low-Skilled Entrepreneurial Chinese Immigrants in Europe in a Comparative Perspective.
Supervisor: Prof. Peter Nolan
Newnham College
 Chunwen  Xiao
Title: The Challenges and Opportunities of Chinese Telecom Operators Going Out.
Supervisor: Prof. Peter Nolan
Jesus College
 Kiryl  Zach
Title: Polish industrial policy in a long-term perspective.
Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang
Robinson College