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Centre of Development Studies


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Mateus Lino Labrunie Title: The co-evolution of technology, institutions and the organization of production in the age of digital transformation: lessons from history., Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, College: Girton
Mateus Labrunie Teaching Assistant Paper 1 Development Economics
Epifania Langa Title: Understanding Structural Transformation, Industrial Development and the State: the Case of Mozambique, Supervisor: Dr. Ha-Joon Chang, Clare Hall College
Chokan Laumulin Title: Debates over Soviet Industrial policy.
Ildo José Lautharte Junior Title: Flourishing Opportunities: Four Essays in Applied Econometrics.
Duy Anh Le PhD title: Sanitation and Development: The Case of Provinces in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Amir Lebdioui Title: The role of the State for Economic Diversification in Mineral Resource-Dependent Countries.
George Lee Title: What are the barriers to building a trusted police service in China and India? A comparative study.
Adam B Lerner Title: Narratives of trauma and victimhood in international politics: Evidence from new states.
Jane Lichtenstein Title: Financial Inclusion in Rwanda: Examining Policy Implementation and Impact on Community and Household Lives.
Yunxiang Liu Title: Industrial Upgrading and China’s Electric Vehicle and Wind Turbine Industries
Dr Sarah Lockwood Assistant Professor, Centre of Development Studies, BA (Columbia University); MSc (Oxford University); MA (Harvard University), PhD (Harvard University)
Saite Lu Title: Essays on Global Imbalances and Financial Crisis
Sigrid Lupieri Title: Ageing and health care in times of crisis: whose vulnerability counts? The case of Syrian refugees in Jordan.