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Centre of Development Studies


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Marthe Achtnich Assistant Professor in Development Studies, University Teaching Officer
Maha Al-Haddad Title: Black-Palestinian Transnational Solidarities: Contemporary renewals and digital manifestations., Supervisor: Professor Maha Abdelrahman, Queens' College
Dr Ilias Alami Assistant Professor in the Political Economy of Development, University Teaching Officer
Baptiste Albertone Title: To Green or not to Green? Sustainability, Structural Change, and Industrial Policy in Latin America, Supervisor: Professor Ha-Joon Chang, Darwin College
Fadi Amer Title: Laissez-Piller: A political economy analysis of financial sector-led growth in Lebanon, Supervisor: Professor Ha-Joon Chang, Queens' College
Idil Asan Title: The Politics and Sociology of 'Vulnerability' in Humanitarian Bureaucracy: Turkey's Refugee Response , Supervisor: Professor Maha Abdelrahman, Girton College