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Priya’s research centres on issues concerning the political economy of taxation and sub-national legislative and fiscal commitments. Her supervisor at Cambridge is Dr Shailaja Fennell. Priya is the recipient of the PhD Studentship by the International Centre for Tax and Development, where her work will be conducted under the guidance of Dr Giulia Mascagni (University of Sussex). 

Priya’s current and upcoming projects include (i) a descriptive study of gender and tax compliance in Rwanda, Uganda, and Ethiopia using administrative and survey data (ii) a framework to incorporate identities into sub-national legislative behaviour (iii) an empirical analysis of sub-national revenue mobilisation in East African and Indian states. 

She has served as an Overseas Development Institute Fellow to the Ministry of Finance in Sierra Leone and worked as a legislative researcher in Indian Parliament. She holds a Master’s degree from SOAS, University of London. 


Title: The Political Economy of Taxation and Sub-National Legislative Commitment in East African and Indian States
Supervisor: Professor Shailaja Fennell
St. Catherine's College

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