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Centre of Development Studies



Daniel has a background in law and political sciences. He studied a Master’s in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute. Before starting his PhD, he worked as a research assistant at the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy, where he contributed to a project investigating the regulation of research ethics in the social sciences. His PhD research is funded by a La Caixa Fellowship, and a Cambridge Trust International Scholarship.


Daniel is interested in extra-legal governance by non-state armed actors. Particularly, his research explores social order in territories controlled by criminal groups in Latin America. He investigates why criminal groups engage in public communication, in which ways digital platforms mediate those interactions, and how this relates to their governance practices. Besides his PhD research, he is also involved in a project studying local governance in post-war Uganda.  

Title: Communication, non-state armed actors, and governance: the role of digital tools.
Supervisor: Professor Graham Denyer-Willis
Clare Hall College

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Daniel Rincon-Machon