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PhD Graduates

Jose Miguel Ahumada
  • Title: Trading away the ladder? Chile's path into globalisation (1975-2010)
Shachi Amdekar
  • Title: From Lancashire to Bombay: Commercial Networks, Technology Diffusion, and Business Strategy in the Bombay Textile Industry.
Amna Ansari
  • Title: Children's capabilities and education inequality: How types of schooling play a role in Pakistan.
Jaskiran Bedi
  • Title: Is English language causing a dichotomy between economic growth and inclusive growth in India?
Peerapat Chokesuwattanaskul
  • Title: Export Cartels: Trade, Competition, and Industrial Policies.
Madleina Daehnhardt
  • Title: Migration, development and social change in a 21st century North Indian hill village. An ethnographic study of migration patterns, reasons and impacts.
Jostein Hauge
  • Title: African industrial policy in an era of expanding global value chains.
Yuan He
  • Title: Food and shelter: Village lives in India and China compared.
Peter Hertenstein
  • Title: Governance in times of globalization: Exploring the inter-firm dynamics in the
  • automotive industry and its impact on development in Brazil and China.
Anel Kulakhmetova
  • Title: Evolving notions of childhood: An example of Kazakhstan.
Ildo José Lautharte Junior
  • Title: Flourishing Opportunities: Four Essays in Applied Econometrics.
George Lee
  • Title: What are the barriers to building a trusted police service in China and India? A comparative study.
Jane Lichtenstein
  • Title: Financial Inclusion in Rwanda: Examining Policy Implementation and Impact on Community and Household Lives.
Lucy McMahon
  • Title: Going to 'the door of Dilma's house' Citizenship, informality and the 2013-14 protest movement in Brazil.
Dan Meng
  • Title: A study on subjective wellbeing of Chinese rural residents and rural-urban migrants.
Ivan Rajic
  • Title: Oligopoly, regional development and the political economy of separatism - with a case study of the United Kingdom and Scotland.
Ga-Young So
  • Title: Three essays on the impact of education on the employment and empowerment of women in South Korea.
Yee Siong Tong
  • Title: Agro-commodity global value chains and upgrading: the case of Malaysian palm oil.
Isabella Weber
  • Title: China's escape from the 'Big Bang': The 1980s price reform debate in historical perspective.
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