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Centre of Development Studies



Our visitors may use the desks within the Centre, subject to availability, and may make use of the University libraries. They may follow some lectures and seminars subject to prior consent, are invited to join the life of the department such as the CDS Seminar Series held during term. The Centre can offer only limited direct academic supervision as the Centre assumes that visitors come to Cambridge to pursue their own independent research. Visitors are expected to meet the direct costs of photocopying, printing and other consumables and costs associated with their work via the bench fees paid. We are not in a position to offer an office or a dedicated desk space, secretarial services, housing, visa processing, living or travel expenses or other Departmental resources.

Find a Sponsor

We are particularly interested in welcoming visitors whose research areas overlap with the interests of our own staff, therefore applications will only be considered if they are supported by a current member of academic staff in the Centre. Please contact the academic staff member and seek their support before submitting your application.


There is a bench fee of £1000 per month or £3000 per term inclusive of VAT (or £2500 inclusive of VAT over the summer) to cover incidental and administrative overheads. Our academic year comprises three terms: Michaelmas (October-December), Lent (January-March) and Easter (April-June). The usual minimum period for a Visiting Scholar is one month, and the maximum is one year (three terms).

The Department does not cover any living or travel costs for visitors.


If you are not a person with settled status in the UK then you will probably need a visa - this would normally be via the Academic Visitor route. For more information ( It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that compliance with UK immigration/visa requirements is met.


The Centre does not provide accommodation, nor can it assist applicants with finding accommodation in Cambridge but if you need help please log on to the University of Cambridge Accommodation Service at or contact them by email: