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New book published with contributions from members of the Centre of Development Studies

last modified Oct 19, 2018 02:23 PM
New book published: New Frontiers of the Capability Approach, with contributions from members of the Centre of Development Studies.
Edited by CDS lecturers Dr Flavio Comim and Dr Shailaja Fennell, as well as Dr P. B. Anand, the book explores the new frontiers of the capability approach and its links to human development in three main areas. First, it delves into the philosophical foundations of the approach, re-examining its links to concepts of common good, collective agency and epistemic diversity. Secondly, it addresses its 'operational frontier', aiming to give inclusive explanations of some of the most advanced methods available for capability researchers. Thirdly, it offers a wide range of the applications of this approach, as carried out by a mix of renowned capability scholars and researchers from different disciplines. This broad interdisciplinary range includes the areas of human and sustainable development, inequalities, labour markets, education, special needs, cities, urban planning, housing, social capital and happiness studies, among others.
New Frontiers contains a key chapter by Dr Gay Meeks, lecturer in the department, as well as chapters by CDS staff Dr Flavio Comim, Dr Tadashi Hirai, Dr Shailaja Fennell, and students Jaime Royo Olid, Josh Platzky Miller, and Caroline Souza.
The book can be found online, and is set to be published in print on 25 October 2018.
The project arises from the annual Cambridge Capabilities Conferences, hosted by the Centre of Development Studies.