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Centre of Development Studies

Danish Cambridge students set to publish the first textbook on Development Studies for high schools in Denmark

Georgios Marinos (MPhil in Development Studies, at the Centre of Development Studies) and Peter Andreas Nielsen (MPhil in Economics, at the Department of Economics) are leading a project from the University Cambridge that aims to bring together Danish graduate students worldwide to author the first textbook on Development Studies for high school students in Danish.

The inspiration for the text book was borne out of the observation that a significant proportion of Danish high school students study social sciences and politics with very limited material in Danish to engage with important development-related questions. For example, what the root of global wealth inequality is, what the impact of climate change is in poor countries, whether aid or trade is the solution to global poverty, and how we can create positive impact in poor countries in our daily lives? The purpose of the textbook is to provide young Danes with a basic understanding of development issues and tools with which they can critically engage with development in their lives, whether that be as voters, consumers, or influencers.

Georgios Marinos and Peter Andreas Nielsen have signed a contract with the publishing company Columbus Forlag and assembled more than 20 co-authors from top universities around the world. In addition to this, they have secured the support of Dr. Ha-Joon Chang, Director of the Centre of Development at the University of Cambridge, who will write the foreword of the textbook. So far half of the text book has been written and peer reviewed by Danish development specialists. The textbook is due to be published by the end of the year, with 100% of profits going to charitable causes.

The Centre of Development Studies wishes Georgios and Peter the best of luck!