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David A. Clark has published an article on “Valuing and Revaluing Education” in a special issue of Comparative Education focusing on “Measuring the Unmeasurable in Education’”

last modified Feb 13, 2017 10:19 AM

Dr Clark used primary data to re-evaluate the relevant dimensions of education for measurement purposes by comparing detailed lists of educational capabilities from disparate academic literatures with the values and aspirations of ordinary South Africans from rural and urban areas. His main finding is that most abstract lists need to say more about the practical side of education (skills, information and knowledge for everyday living). They also need to embrace a more joined-up view of education that can incorporate linkages between different aspects of education and between education and other aspects of well-being (including mental states and material things). In the final part of the paper Dr Clark makes the case for embracing the complexity and imprecision involved in measuring education and briefly sketches a methodological framework that can achieve this end.


Clark, D. A. (2017), ‘Valuing and Revaluing Education: What Can We Learn About Measurement from the South African Poor?’, Comparative Education, 53 (1), pp. 54–80.

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We are delighted and proud to see that the Centre has gone from no.8 (2015) to no.6 (2016) to no.4 (2017) in the field of Development Studies in the QS Survey. This would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work from everyone within the Centre.

Message from the director: You will be pleased to know that we have moved up from 8 in 2015 to 6 this year in the QS world ranking for Development Studies. This is a remarkable result and a great tribute to the tremendous efforts of the whole team of teachers and administrators. It's a fantastic result! Professor Peter Nolan

Congratulations to PhD student Nungari Mwangi who was awarded the 2016 Andrew E Rice Award from the Society for International development!

Dr Fennell high level facilitator at WSIS 2016

We are pleased to announce that Dr Fennell has been appointed as High Level Track Facilitator at the World Summit on the Information Society Forum.