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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Form

Please download the latest version of the Risk Assessment form here and find further information in our handbook.

Risk Assessment Procedure

1. Every graduate student should complete a Risk Assessment form when applying for Leave to Work Away. The form needs to be completed fully using all the advice available to students on Moodle: Risk Assessment 

2. The completed form should be approved and signed by the supervisor and attached to your CamSIS application. 

3. When going on Fieldwork for a period of less than two weeks, students still need to complete the Risk Assessment form and attach it to their CamSIS application. Students should discuss their Risk Assessment with their supervisor. There is also detailed advice and information to help you complete your Risk Assessment successfully on Moodle: Risk Assessment 

Failure to complete your Risk Assessment satisfactorily can result in delaying your departure. Please contact the PhD Administrator if you need further advice on completing the form.

4. A complete risk assessment is a requirement when applying for Fieldwork Funding. (Fieldwork funding is provided by the School and is not be confused with the Centre's fieldwork grant) More information regarding the fieldwork fund can be found here.