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CDS Funding Opportunities

Centre Funding Grants

Registered PhD students are able to apply to the Centre's Fieldwork Funding Grant which is a maximum of £500 pounds, and the Conference Grant which is £250.

The application forms are on the virtual learning environment for students, Moodle. To access Moodle, log in with Raven. 

This is done on a refund basis only and you will need to provide valid receipts to support your claim. These sums are per student for the entire length of their PhD, but as many applications as necessary can be made, until the total sum is exhausted. 

Fill in the relevant application form and return it, together with your receipts to the PhD Administrator () for approval. 

You should then receive a cheque within a few weeks.

Other sources of funding

Colleges may also have funding which can be applied for, so do check with your college tutor regarding this.