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Introduction to Fieldwork

Summary of procedure 

Students are permitted to apply to conduct research which will be relevant to their work.  Prior to applying for the first time, student will need to:

  1. Successfully complete the First Year Registration Exercise;
  2. Successfully complete the Student Travel Safety Briefing online training course;
  3. Obtain Ethical Approval for their research.  There are three different types of ethical approval and it is advised students apply for all which may be relevant to their research.  This will normally be done at the end of the 1st Year, once the research question is fully developed. Once Ethical Approval is obtained, it will usually cover the entire length of the PhD programme. *Ethical approval or an Ethics Confirmation Form must be completed and approved BEFORE commencing ANY research.*

Thereafter, for each application for Leave to Work Away, students will be required to:

  1. Discuss their plans with their supervisor;
  2. Make a formal application on their CamSIS self-service page, ensuring they use the available text box as a space for a formal covering letter, stipulating dates and locations to the best of their ability, attaching a completed Risk Assessment form and proof of travel insurance.  Moodle has information and guidance on how to complete a Risk Assessment, we strongly suggest you read through all the guidance before attempting to complete your Risk Assessment.
  3. Please see Risk Assessment  and Applying for Leave to Work Away  for important information on the application process.

Students should ensure they have given enough time for their application to be approved, (3 months) as they are not permitted to leave unless these have been fully approved by all committees involved. 

For full information regarding Leave to Work Away and Risk Assessments, please read the Polis Graduate Resources page for up-to-date information on all these procedures:

More information can also be found in the PhD handbook.

For further queries, do not hesitate to contact the PhD Administrator.