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Dr Gay Meeks (Not accepting PhD students for 2018/2019)

Dr Gay Meeks, (Not accepting PhD students for 2018/2019)

Affiliated Lecturer and Senior Research Associate, Centre of Development Studies

BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Oxford, 1971 (MA Cambridge)

PhD in the Philosophy of Economics, Edinburgh, 1975

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 764040


Senior Research Associate University of Cambridge.


Research Interests

Gay Meeks’  research interests are in Philosophy and Economics, including debates about happiness, justice, equality, capabilities and freedom; some aspects of information economics and welfare economics in relation to business decisions; alternative perspectives on rational choice and on theory choice; and - it follows from the rest - the work of Amartya Sen.


Lecturer for Paper 14 (Philosophical Issues in Economic Development)of the M Phil in Development Studies.  [Formerly: Tutor in Moral Philosophy at Glasgow; College Lecturer in economics at Oxford; Affiliated Lecturer in Economics at Cambridge; PhD Supervisor in Economics; Fellow and Director of Studies in Economics at Robinson College, Cambridge.] 

Key Publications

Profitability measures as indicators of post-merger efficiency, with G.Meeks, Journal of Industrial Economics, 1981

‘Utility in economics’ in Turner, C. and Martin, E. (eds.), Surveys of Subjective Phenomena, Vol. 2, US National Science Foundation, 1984

Thoughtful Economic Man: Essays on Rationality, Moral Rules and Benevolence (ed.), Cambridge University Press, 1991

‘Keynes on the rationality of the investment decision under uncertainty’, in Runde, J. and Mizuhara, S. (eds.), Keynes’s Philosophy: Probability, Uncertainty and Convention, Routledge, 2003

‘Self-fulfilling prophecies of failure: the endogenous balance sheets of distressed companies’, with G. Meeks, Abacus, 2009

‘Post-Keynesian perspectives on some philosophical dimensions of Keynes’s economic thinking’, in Harcourt, G.C. and Kriesler, P. (eds.), Handbook of Post-Keynesian Economics, Vol. 3, Oxford University press, forthcoming

At this time Dr Meeks is not accepting research proposals for discussion from those looking to apply to the PhD course in 2018/2019

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