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Centre of Development Studies



The focus of my investigation is on the challenges and opportunities of the so-called 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' for developing countries. My research has a historical part, in which I investigate how countries in the past managed to use large-scale technological transformations as opportunities for development. Secondly, it has an exploratory part, in which I am carrying out a fieldwork investigation on the development and implementation of 4.0 technologies in Brazil, with a focus on Brazilian 4.0 machinery producers.

The main hypothesis I am currently working with is that both in the past and today, successful technological catching-up depends on well-managed 'technological  learning systems' which consists on the dimensions of technology, organization of production, and policies and institutions.

Title: The co-evolution of technology, institutions and the organization of production in the age of digital transformation: lessons from history.
Supervisor: Professor Ha-Joon Chang
College: Girton

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 Mateus Lino Labrunie


Person keywords: 
Evolutionary approaches
Industry 4.0
Technological change and Development
Digital transformation
Industrial Revolutions