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Juan Fernando Bucheli

Juan Fernando Bucheli

Title: Living Together: Urban Quality of Life in Spatially Segregated Areas of Bogota.

Supervisor: Dr Flavio Comim and Dr Maria Abreu

Queens' College

Research Interests

I investigate how quality of life is affected by the existence of new patterns of urban segregation in the city of Bogota. Urban segregation has created a fragmented city with high levels of inequalities for city-dwellers. Based on a place-based approach to well-being, my research attempts to conceptualise urban quality of life from the perspective of the Capability Approach, looking at how urban segregation affects urban functionings, and assessing to what extent anti-segregation policies are enabling a better quality of life for Bogota's inhabitants.


  • Urban Marginality and Segregation
  • Urban Quality of Life
  • Evidence and Learning
  • Operationalisation of the Capability Approach

Key Publications

Bucheli, Juan Fernando. 2015. "Conditional Cash Transfer Schemes and the Politicisation of Poverty Reduction Strategies". Analisis político, No. 83. Pp. 19-31. Enero-Abril. Bogota. DOI: 

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