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Dr Ingrida Kerusauskaite is experienced in anti-corruption and international development consultancy, programme delivery, research and teaching. She works with both the public sector (national government departments and donor institutions) and private sector clients (especially financial sector on issues related to compliance, anti-bribery and corruption and anti-money laundering). 

Ingrida has delivered projects for the UK’s Department for International Development, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the UK’s Independent Commission for Aid Impact, among others. Her public sector work focuses on the issues surrounding anti-corruption interventions and business environment reforms.

She is an Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, Centre of Development Studies, where she completed her PhD on the effectiveness of multilateral and bilateral approaches in tackling corruption in developing countries. She lectures on justice and international development on a number of graduate modules at the Centre of Development Studies and undergraduate courses at the University’s Institute for Continuing Education. Ingrida is also a regular speaker at international conferences on anti-corruption and development. 

She has prior experience working with newspapers, multilateral development organisations and supporting businesses entering the Chinese market.


Ingrida’s research has focused on issues of corruption within the context of international development. She has published on the subject matter in a variety of fora, her most recent book on anti-corruption in international development is was published by Routledge in February 2018. She has also researched the concept of justice more broadly, as well as issues of money laundering, institutional aspects of delivering international development assistance and matters relating to forced migration. 


Key publications: 

Kerusauskaite, Ingrida (February 2018) Anti-corruption in International Development, Routledge: London. 

Kerusauskaite, Ingrida (2017) ‘Making Sure that Everyone Plays by the Rules: Harnessing a global-partnerships approach to tackling corruption’, International Banker, Winter 2017.

De Oliveira, Ines Sofia; Lain, Sarah; Winterbotham, Emily; Kerusauskaite, Ingrida and Glanville, Matthew (2016) Fighting Corruption: The Case for Inclusive and Risk-Based Approaches, RUSI: London.

Glanville, Matthew, Kerusauskaite, Ingrida and Harley, Flora (2016) Scoping Study on Business Environment Reform in Fragile and Conflict Affected States, BERF and DFID Research4Development: London.

Kerusauskaite, Ingrida (2015) ‘Corruption and International Development Assistance’, in Rider, B. ed Research Handbook on International Financial Crime, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Teaching and Supervisions


At the Centre of Development Studies, Ingrida lectures and conducts seminars on the ‘Justice and Development’ module (since 2013) and the ‘Transnational Crime and Justice’ module offered to MPhil Development Studies students. Her teaching focuses on anti-corruption, international law and empowerment, international cooperation and forced migration.

Ingrida also lectures on a number of Undergraduate Diploma and Certificate courses at the University’s Institute for Continuing Education (since 2014). These include: 

-         Certificate in International Development (2017-2018): responsible for writing the unit specification for and teaching the Easter term of the course on the problems of 'under-development', which includes lectures on the causes of poverty and inequality, the geography of deprivation and rural development and rural-urban transitions. 

-         Diploma in International Development: Economy, Society and Welfare (2017-2018): responsible for writing the unit specification for and teaching the Lent term of the course on social change and protection, which includes lectures on human rights and development, welfare and social protection, population dynamics and social movements. 

-        Course director for the 2017 and 2018 summer school course on International development: key issues in today's world. Responsible for putting together the syllabus, conducting the lectures and marking course assignments.

-         Diploma in International Development: Environment, Sustainability and Globalisation (2016-2017): lecturing on the second-year undergraduate level Easter term of the course, on globalisation, urbanisation, transnationalism (labour, international migration, diaspora) and cultural diversity, minorities and exclusion.

-         Advanced diploma in international development (2014-2016): supervised an undergraduate dissertation as part of the 2 year-long advanced diploma in International Development.

-         Designed and ran the 'Justice and International Development’ courses at the Institute (weekend course in 2016 and day course in 2017). 

Affiliated Lecturer, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
Panel Tutor, International Development, Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge
Advisor, KPMG International Development Assistance Services
PhD (Cambridge), MPhil (Cambridge) BA Politics and Development Studies (SOAS, University of London)
Currently not taking PhD Students
Dr Ingrida  Kerusauskaite

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