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Centre of Development Studies



Professor Chang was awarded the 2003 Myrdal Prize by the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy, and the 2005 Leontief Prize by Tufts University. He was voted no. 9 in the 2014 World Thinker poll of the Prospect magazine.


Professor Chang’s main research interests include theories of state intervention; institutional economics; industrial policy; privatisation; trade policy; technological progress; globalisation; the East Asian economies; and economic development in historical perspective.


Key publications: 

Economics: The user’s guide (2014)

23 things they don’t tell you about capitalism (2010)

Bad Samaritans: rich nations, poor policies, and the threat to the developing world (2007)

The East Asian development experience: the miracle, the crisis and the future (2006)

Reclaiming development: an alternative policy manual (with I. Grabel, 2004, 2014)

Globalisation, economic development, and the role of the state (2003)

Restructuring Korea Inc: financial crisis, corporate reform, and institutional transition (with J.-S. Shin, 2003)

Kicking away the ladder: development strategy in historical perspective (2002);

The political economy of industrial policy (1994, 1996).

His edited works include

Public policy and agricultural development (2011)

Institutional change and economic development  (2007)

The Politics of Trade and Industrial Policy in Africa: Forced Consensus (with O. Ogbu and C. Soludo, 2004)

Brazil and South Korea: economic crisis and restructuring (with E. Amann, 2003)

Rethinking development economics (2003)

The rebel within: Joseph Stiglitz at the World Bank (2001)

Financial liberalisation and the Asian crisis (2001, with G. Palma and D.H. Whittaker)

The role of the state in economic change (1995, with R. Rowthorn)

The transformation of the Communist economies: against the mainstream (1995, with P. Nolan).

Teaching and Supervisions


Ha-Joon Chang is the course co-ordinator for the core paper Development Economics (Paper 1).

Professor Chang supervises MPhil students in the Centre of Development Studies. He also supervises PhD students at the Centre of Development Studies.

Professor in the Political Economy of Development, Faculty of Economics
BA in Economics (Seoul National University), MPhil, PhD (University of Cambridge)
Dr Ha-Joon  Chang

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