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Originally trained as a historian with deep interest in religions, politics and economics, Gerald is a specialist in the history of Eurasian nomads and their relations with the major monotheistic faiths and sedentary civilizations. Over the years he has published nearly two dozen articles, reviews, encyclopaedia entries and presented a number of papers from Asia to North America either at conferences or as an invited speaker. He also has a deep interest in education systems, learning methods and is committed to teaching at different levels.


Post-Soviet intellectual trends, History of the Khazar Qaganate, Conversion to Islam, Christianity and Judaism among the Eurasian nomads, Trade on the Silk & Fur roads, Russian policymaking, 19th-20th century historiography, Pechenegs, History and Archeology of Volga Bulgaria, Medieval Economic History, Soviet&Russian Treatment of Ethnic/Religious Minorities


Key publications: 

The Islamization of the Volga Bulghars: A Question Reconsidered, Archivum Eurasiae Medii Aevi 18. (2011), 199-223.


The Possible Reasons for the Arab-Khazar Wars, Archivum Eurasiae Medii Aevi 17 (2010), 45-57.

Title: My Cherished Endemy: The Construction of Identity and Otherness in Russia.
 Gerald  Mako