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Centre of Development Studies



1949 Year born, Jaqueline Gay Tulip
1971 Married Geoff Meeks
1971 B.A., Oxford, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Class 1; later M.A.Oxford
1972-1975 Tutor in Moral Philosophy at the University of Glasgow
1975 Ph.D., Edinburgh, in the Philosophy of Economics

SSRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Economics, Cambridge; Calouste Gulbenkian

Research Fellow, Lucy Cavendish College.  Supervised Economics for Trinity College


Lecturer in Economics, St. Anne's College, Oxford; Junior Dean; Joint Warden of the St.Anne’s-Balliol Graduate Centre.

Lectured for Oxford undergraduates on Rival Approaches in Macroeconomics.


Lectured for Cambridge undergraduates on A Philosophical Perspective on Economics

Supervisor, Faculty Adviser or Examiner for a series of PhDs

Devised, lectured for, coordinated and examined the long-running graduate course, on Philosophical Issues in Economics, later titled Philosophical Issues in Economic Development, currently Happiness, Justice, Freedom and Capabilities: A Philosophical Exploration, for the M Phil in Economics and the M Phil in Development Studies

1983 Elder daughter born
1984 Member of the Faculty of Philosophy, Cambridge

Research Associate (part-time), Department of Applied Economics, Cambridge


Fellow of Robinson College, except during 1994-2001; Director of Studies in Economics at the College from 1985-1994


Affiliated Lecturer, Cambridge, first in the Faculty of Economics, then in the Centre of Development Studies, POLIS


Younger daughter born


Increasing hours as sole carer for elderly parent


Senior Research Associate (part-time), first in the Faculty of Economics, Cambridge, then in the Centre of Development Studies, POLIS

2016 Keynote Speaker at the inaugural conference of the annual Cambridge Capabilities Conference series
2016-2017 Lecturer of the year in the Cambridge University Student-led Teaching Awards


My main research interests are in philosophy (especially moral and political philosophy and the theory of decision-making) and economics (especially economic thought, method and policy).  This has led to particular interest in debates about happiness, justice, equality, capabilities, capitalism, socialism and freedom; aspects of information economics and welfare economics in relation to business decisions; alternative perspectives on rational choice in an uncertain world; elements in Keynesian thought; limits on objectivity; and the wonderfully interdisciplinary work of Amartya Sen.


Key publications: 

In the philosophy of economics and development:

"Utility in economics", in Turner, C. and Martin, E., eds., Surveys of Subjective Phenomena, vol. 2, US National Science Foundation, 1984 

Thoughtful Economic Man: Essays on Rationality, Moral Rules and Benevolence, Cambridge University Press, 1991. Editor [Editor's intro.; contributions from Broome, Collard, Cramp, Hahn, Matthews, Meeks, Ryan, Sen]

“Keynes on the rationality of the investment decision under uncertainty”, in Runde, J. and Mizuhara, S., The Philosophy of Keynes’s Economics, Routledge, 2003 (invited short version of 1991 Ch. 8)

 “Post-Keynesian Perspectives on Some Philosophical Dimensions of Keynes’s Economic Thinking”, Ch.4 in Vol. 2 of the Handbook of Post-Keynesian Economics, ed. Harcourt, G., Oxford University Press, 2013

 “Amartya Sen”, Ch. 47 in The Palgrave Companion to Cambridge Economics ed. R Cord, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, 1045-1077

“The Canniness of Ought”, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 2018, 19(1) [joint    author with D.A.Clark]

“On Sen on the Capability of Capabilities: The Story of a Not-For-Profit Enterprise”, Ch. 2 in New   Frontiers of the Capability Approach eds. F. Comim, S. Fennell and P. Anand, Cambridge University   Press (forthcoming) 


In other research areas:

[ *with G. Meeks;  ** with A. Amel-Zadeh and G. Meeks] 

Public Money in Private Industry, Open University Press, 1979*

 “Profitability measures as indicators of post-merger efficiency”, Journal of Industrial Economics, 1981,29: 335-44*

 “The loser's curse: accounting for the transactions costs of takeover”, Abacus, 2001, 37: 389-400*

 Towards a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Accounting Regulation, London: ICAEW, 2002*

 “Self-fulfilling prophecies of failure: the endogenous balance sheets of distressed companies”, Abacus,45: 22-43, 2009*   (Abacus 2009 Best Manuscript Award) 

 “Why are banks paying so little UK corporation tax?”, Fiscal Studies, 2014, 35(4): 511-533*

 “Historical perspectives on accounting for M&A”, Accounting and Business Research, 2016, 46(5):501-52**


Teaching and Supervisions


Lecturer for M Phil Paper 14 (Happiness, Justice, Freedom and Capabilities: A Philosophical Exploration).  Lecturer of the year for 2016-17 in the CUSU student-led teaching awards (see ‘biography’ for teaching experience).

Senior Research Associate, Centre of Development Studies
BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Oxford, 1971 (MA Cambridge)
PhD in the Philosophy of Economics, Edinburgh, 1975
Currently not taking PhD students
Dr Gay  Meeks

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