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Dr Frank Madsen

Dr Frank Madsen

Affiliated University Lecturer, Centre for Development Studies

Fellow Commoner, Queens' College

MA (Paris)

PhD (Cambridge)


MA (Equiv. Paris, International Affairs). PhD (Cambridge).

Research Interests

  • Denied Demand.

  • Corruption, Transnational Organised Crime, and Development.

  • Environmental Crime.

  • Heritage Crime.


  • Trans-national Criminal Justice and Development (Paper 31).

  • Justice and Development (Paper 30).

Key Publications

  • 2015 (forthcoming). The Historical Evolution of the International Co-Operation against Transnational Organised Crime. In Pierre Hauck and Sven Peterke, ed., International Law and Transnational Organised Crime. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • 2014 (forthcoming). Trafficking Crimes. In Barry A. K. Rider, ed., Research Handbook on International Financial Crime. London: Edward Elgar.

  • 2013. Transnational Criminal Networks. In Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson, ed., International Organizations and Global Governance. New York and London: Routledge.

  • 2013. Organ Transplantation and Transnational Organised Crime. RUSI Journal, Volume 158, Issue 5.

  • 2013. Corruption: A Global Common Evil. RUSI Journal, Volume 158, Issue 2.

  • 2012. International Narcotics Law Enforcement: A Study in Irrationality. Journal of International Affairs (Columbia), Volume 66, Issue 1.

  • 2010. International Organization and Crime, and Corruption. In Robert A. Denemark (ed.), The International Studies Compendium Project. Oxford and New York: Blackwells. OUP subscription website.

  • 2009. Transnational Organized Crime. London and New York: Routledge.

  • 2007. Organized Crime. In Thomas G. Weiss and Sam Daws, ed., The Oxford Handbook of the United Nations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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