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Adam B Lerner

Adam B Lerner

Title: Narratives of trauma and victimhood in international politics: Evidence from new states.

Supervisor: Dr Shailaja Fennell

St. John's College

Research Interests

  • Collective trauma
  • Political psychology 
  • Indian economic history
  • Political culture

Key Publications

Refereed Articles:

"Theorizing Collective Trauma's Impact on International Political Economy." International Studies Review (May 2018).

"Collective Trauma and the Evolution of Nehruvian Non-Alignment (1927-1947)" International History Review (May 2018).

"Political Neo-Malthusianism and the Progression of India's Green Revolution." Journal of Contemporary Asia (January 21, 2018) 

"Manufactured Silence: Political Economy and Management of the Bhopal Disaster." Economic and Political Weekly 52, no. 30 (July 29, 2017).


"The Useful Fiction of Identity in International Politics," awarded the 2018 Emanuel Miller Prize in Philosophy of Science.

"The Uses and Abuses of Victimhood Nationalism in International Politics," awarded the 2018 Northedge Prize by MillenniumJournal of International Studies. 




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