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PhD Students

Jose Miguel Ahumada
  • PhD title: Chile and the Free Trade Agreements: from euphoric optimism to frustration.
  • Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
Shachi Amdekar
  • PhD topic: Colonial Institutions and the Development of the Indigenous Textile Industry in The Bombay Presidency and British East Africa.
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Shama Ams
  • Title: Governance & Constitutional Reform in Countries Emerging from Civil War
  • Supervisor: Dr. Shailaja Fennell
Jaskiran Bedi
  • PhD title: English Language in India: A Dichotomy between Growth and Development
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Anna Bilous
  • PhD project is focused on analysing the development and perspectives of aerospace industry in the CIS
  • Supervisor: Professor Peter Nolan
Tammy Chen
  • PhD title: Tracking and analyzing experiences of intergenerational poverty through life histories of women in Burkina Faso.
  • Supervisor: Dr. David Clark
Peerapat Chokesuwattanaskul
  • PhD title: Export Cartel: Economic, Law, and Political Approaches.
  • Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
Shreyashi Dasgupta
  • PhD title: Institutionalising Vertical (In)formality: Learning from new forms of urbanism in Mumbai and Dhaka
  • Supervisor: Graham Denyer-Willis
Isabel Estevez
  • PhD title (provisional): Industrial Policy and Economic Development: The Challenges of Productive Transformation in the 21st century
  • Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
Matthew Fright
  • PhD title: The Cost of Everything and the Economic Value of Nothing: Economic Value and the Political Economy of Measurement
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Lorena Gazzotti
  • PhD title (provisional): The making of a receiving country: The politics of international cooperation and the institutional transformation of Morocco into a migrant-receiving country
  • Supervisor: Alexandra Winkels
Javier Gonzalez
  • PhD title: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry into Inequality and Social Stratification in Higher Education and Labour Markets: The Role of Institutions and Social Class
Jostein Hauge
  • PhD title: Africa's industrial policy challenge in an era of globalised production networks
  • Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
Yuan He
  • PhD title: Comparing the Wellbeing of People in India and China: some possible implications for democracy and development
  • Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Peter Hertenstein
  • PhD title: Global Value Chains of German Automotive OEMs in the Emerging Markets of Brazil and China
  • Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Halimatou Hima Moussa Dioula
  • PhD title: Education as Chance: How Girls (and Boys) Disrupt a Charted Trajectory - Analysing the determinants of secondary school completion in Niger
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Christopher Hope
  • PhD title: Deindustrialisation in sub-Saharan Africa? A country-based study investigating the development of manufacturing in Namibia.
  • Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
Sharmeen Irfan
  • PhD title: The Political Economy of Gender, Education and Women Empowerment in Developing Countries
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Ingrida Kerusauskaite
  • PhD title: Transnational Systems of Justice: Access and Influence of Developing/Transitional Countries and their Citizens
  • Supervisor: Professor Barry Rider
Aline Khoury
  • PhD topic: Policies for immigrants' labour inclusion in Brazil and in the UK.
  • Supervisor: Flavio Comim
Eun Joo Koo
  • PhD title: Sustainability and Development: Paradigms in Kazakhstan
  • Supervisor: Siddharth S. Saxena
Alice Krozer
  • PhD title (Provisional): Capturing Inequality: Revising Old Trends, New Indicators and Current Reform in Mexico.
  • Supervisor: Jose Gabriel Palma
Anel Kulakhmetova
  • PhD title: Evolving child protection systems in Central Asia
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Chokan Laumulin
  • PhD title: Science and Social Policy Underpinning of Soviet Industrial Development Paradigms
  • Supervisor: Professor Peter Nolan
Ildo José Lautharte Junior
  • PhD title: Social choice and children's human development on a public policy perspective.
  • Supervisor: Flavio V. Comim
Amir Lebdioui
  • PhD title: The role of the State for Economic Diversification in Mineral Resource-Dependent Countries
  • Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
George Lee
  • PhD title: Comparative Study Between China and India's Police Services - Barriers to Trust
  • Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Jane Lichtenstein
  • PhD title: A policy for Financial Inclusion in Rwanda - is it explicit, appropriate and effective?
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Saite Lu
  • PhD title: Essays on global imbalances and economic development
  • Supervisors: Ken Coutts and Graham Gudgin
Gerald Mako
  • PhD title: The Construction of Otherness: Four Historical Examples of the Portrayal of National Minorities in Russia and the Effect They Bear on Policy Making
  • Supervisor: Siddharth S. Saxena
Vasiliki Mavroeidi
  • PhD title: Industrial Policy and Global Value Chains: The Experience of Guangdong and Malaysia in the Electronics Sector
  • Supervisor: Dr Ha-Joon Chang
Lucy McMahon
  • PhD title (provisional): Health, work, and political resistance among female street vendors in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Dan Meng
  • PhD title: A study of subjective well-being of Chinese rural residents and rural-urban migrants.
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Ying Miao
  • PhD title: Social Identity, Attitude and Behaviour of the Chinese Middle Class
  • Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Domna Michailidou
  • PhD title: Financial crises in Middle-Income Developing Countries: A study of excess global liquidity, surges in inflows and liberalised capital accounts.
  • Supervisor: Gabriel Palma
Josh Platzky Miller
  • PhD title: Education and Imagination in Brazil and South Africa
  • Supervisor: Maha Abdelrahman
Natalya Naqvi
  • PhD title: Essays on the political economy of financial systems and economic development
Serik Onalbaiuly
  • PhD title: Democratisation of Local Governance and Local Government in Kazakhstan
  • Supervisor: Dr Siddharth S. Saxena
Serik Orazgaliyev
  • PhD title: Reconstructing MNE-host country bargaining model in oil industry: a case study of Kazakhstan
  • Supervisors: Shailaja Fennell and Siddharth S. Saxena
Albert Park
  • PhD Title: "When Better Worlds Collide: The History and Philosophy of International Development"
  • Supervisor: Dr. Flavio Comim, Anna Alexandrova (advisor)
Bojana Radovanovic
  • PhD title: Private Charitable Giving
  • Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
Ivan Rajic
  • PhD title (provisional): The Political Economy of State Dissolution
  • Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
Sherilyn Reindorf-Partey
  • PhD title: Development for whom? Discourses of Modernity and the Role of China in Angola's Post-War Reconstruction.
  • Supervisor: Alex Winkels
Shinjini Singh
  • PhD title: Governance and Business Development in India's Red Corridor
  • Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Ga-Young So
  • PhD title: Law and social norms with reference to working women in South Korea.
  • Supervisor: Shailaja Fennell
Caroline Souza
  • PhD title: Schooling for what? A comparative ethnographic study on the appropriateness of the traditional school model for developing disadvantaged children's skills and capabilities in Brazil
  • Supervisor: Dr Flavio Vasconcellos Comim
Dominic Thomas-James
  • PhD title: How can the relevance and quality of law pertaining to international standards of economic misconduct control be improved and better implemented in developing nations, with particular reference to small jurisdictions in the Caribbean?
  • Supervisor: Barry Rider
Yee Siong Tong
  • PhD title: Industrial upgrading in agro-commodity global value chains: The case of Malaysian palm oil
  • Supervisor: Professor Peter Nolan
Todd Tucker
  • PhD title: Development Matters: Disputes, Arbitrators, and Norms in Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • Supervisor: Ha-Joon Chang
Isabella Weber
  • PhD title: The Chinese Rebirth of Macroeconomics: China's Great Reform Debate (1984-1988)
  • Supervisor: Professor Peter Nolan
Libei Wu
  • PhD title: Determinants of the Nature of Chinese Immigration from Wenzhou: the Case Study of High-Skilled Chinese Immigrants from the IT Industry in California and Low-Skilled Entrepreneurial Chinese Immigrants in Europe in a Comparative Perspective
  • Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Chunwen Xiao
  • PhD Title: The Challenges and Opportunities of Chinese Telecom Operators Going Out
  • Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Xuming Yang
  • PhD title: The Politics of Banking Governance in China: Political Control and Corporate Governance
  • Supervisor: Peter Nolan
Torplus Yomnak
  • PhD title: The evolution of corruption in the construction sector in Thailand: the policy response by the national anti-corruption commission.
  • Supervisor: Dr Maha Abdelrahman
Roberto Alexandre Zanchetta Borghi
  • PhD title: Productive internationalisation and the role of emerging economies: a comparative analysis between China, India and Brazil
  • Supervisor: Jose Gabriel Palma
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